Deborah Kabrane, LPC - Licensed Professional Counselor, Plano Texas
"For you have been my hope, O Sovereign LORD, my confidence since my youth."
Psalm 71:5
 Working together, we will explore new and positive ways to think, feel, behave and communicate.
I am committed to providing and maintaining a safe and therapeutic environment which is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible. Although I am a Christian, not all of my clients share my beliefs. I strive to create a professional culture that is open and affirming to everyone who seeks psychological assistance, while emphasizing individual dignity, sanctity of life, personal responsibility, and the hope toward wholeness, interpersonal competence, mental stability and spiritual maturity.
Post-Graduate: UTSW Medical Center, EAP Counselor, Inpatient Care Manager
Child & Adolescent Clinic, Dept. of Psychiatry
Master of Arts in Counseling, Amber University,1999
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology,  UT Dallas, 1995 -Cum Laude
Abuse / Trauma: Physical / Sexual, Self Injury / Rape, Dissociative Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress, CISD 
Addictions Counseling:Alcohol,Drugs(BenzoWise Recovery Therapy) Internet, Pornography, Gambling, Food
Anxiety Disorders: OCD, Separation, Panic, Social Phobia, Agoraphobia, Generalized Anxiety
ADD / ADHD: Assessment and Behavioral Modification
Developmental Disorders: Autism, Asperger's
Diversity Counseling: Multi-Cultural / Workplace Issues, HR Training, Seminars,Workshops, EAP
Impulse Control Disorders: Trichotillimania, Dermatillomania, Anger Management, Intermittent-Explosive
Mood Disorders:Bi-Polar, Depression, Dysthymic, Postpartum Depression
Parenting - Child:Early Childhood, Play Therapy, Adolescent Conflict
Recovery:Abortion, Death, Divorce, Grief, Loss, Relationship 
Relationship Counseling: PreMarital, Marital, Interfaith Marriage, Couples Counseling
Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders
Somatoform: Body Dysmorphic 
Spiritual / Religious Issues:Christian Counseling Environment, mutual respect for individuals of all faiths
Women's Issues: Single Mothers / Unplanned Pregnancies / Teen Pregnancies / Adoption, Abortion Recovery
Men's Issues: Single Fathers, Workplace Issues, Mid-life Crisis, Sexual Dysfunction, Communication 
To find out if a particular mental health provider is available for your health plan, Call your insurance company or  the Human Resource department.  Be sure to give  the full name, such as Deborah G. Kabrane, LPC,address, and phone number of the provider. 
Flexible hours to accommodate your busy schedule
I will verify your eligibility, explain your benefits and in most cases file claims for you
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